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Cornerstone Defense

Position description

Cornerstone Defense is the Employer of Choice within the Intelligence, Defense, and Space communities of the U.S. Government.  Realizing early on that our most prized assets are our employees, we continually focus our attention on improving the overall work/life experience they have supporting the mission.  Our Team is pushed every day to use their industry leading knowledge to provide end-to-end solutions to combat our nation’s toughest and most secure problems.  If you are looking for a place to not only be professionally challenged, but encouraged and supported by a company that cares, don’t look any further than Cornerstone Defense.

Qualification Requirements  
Relevant TDNA experience includes:

  • conducting advanced analysis of collection and open-source data to generate insights and leads, ensure target continuity, profile targets and their activities, and develop techniques to gain additional target information.
  • maintaining appropriate databases for targeting, tasking, and analysis.
  • developing comprehensive baseline profiles of designated target sets.
  • identifying intelligence gaps to tailor current collection or enable new collection to close the gaps.
  • employing multiple analysis disciplines such as pattern recognition against targets’ communications, network usage and digital footprints.
  • applying knowledge and understanding of IC needs and missions, as well as the targets’ culture, behaviors, and communications technologies.
  • mentoring other analysts on the tools and methodologies used to conduct TDNA.

Education, Training, and Certifications
Liberal Arts field (e.g., English, History, Communications, Languages and Cultures, International Relations, and Political Science) are preferred, but a degree in any field is acceptable. 


Relevant certs / training would include (but not limited to):  Sec+, Net+, CEH, JCAC course.  Don’t include mandatory annual NCS compliance training or short (less than 1 week) NCS courses.

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