Zero Emissions Ports Campaign Manager

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Fast Action on Super Pollutants Today (FAST)

Position description

There is growing recognition that a critical part of solving the climate crisis will involve decarbonizing supply chains. In the United States, where goods movement through ports exceeds, on average, $500 billion each month, transitioning our ports and associated freight transit systems to zero emissions will be essential. 


Over the next two years, a confluence of factors will create an opportunity to push for broad-scale electrification of ports and port operations: (1) unprecedented rates of cargo at US ports, (2) the availability of significant amounts of federal funding for zero-emission transition efforts, and (3) increased awareness of the health impacts of port diesel emissions on vulnerable communities. The FAST Zero Emissions Ports Campaign is poised to help turbo-boost existing advocacy efforts by improving coordination and channeling resources effectively.


About the Organization

Fast Action on Super Pollutants Today (FAST) is an organization created to provide support to and increase capacity for advocates across the US working on campaigns to reduce super pollutants like methane, black carbon, and hydrofluorocarbons.


The Zero Emissions Ports campaign was co-created by representatives of community-based organizations across different port regions throughout the US and through engagement with a set of zero emission transportation funders, including the Pisces Foundation, Climate Imperative, ClimateWorks Foundation, and Tempest Advisors. With the goal of addressing key barriers to 100% electrification of the global transportation system, the strategy supports local organizing, regional and national coordination of zero emission initiatives, port leadership development, organizational capacity building, and broader movement building. 



About the Position

The Campaign Manager will play a critical role in coordinating the Zero Emissions Ports Campaign strategy in collaboration with established NGO partners. The Campaign Manager will connect and amplify advocacy efforts at different ports across the US and help direct resources from funders interested in supporting the work.


Key Responsibilities


Campaign Implementation 

Work with partner NGOs on local, state, and federal initiatives to accelerate the transition to zero emissions ports, including:

  • Convene key stakeholders to collectively train, provide technical assistance, and strategize
  • Craft and deliver effective advocacy messages to policy-makers
  • Track metrics on identified policy outcomes and other markers of progress
  • Maintain an understanding of the needs and strengths of partner NGOs to share learnings and resources, and leverage success 


Grantmaking and Coordination

  • Work with partner NGOs to help identify their capacity-building needs and connect them with additional grant writing support to apply for federal  funding
  • Advise and coordinate with existing funders to align grant support with program priorities to more effectively address funding gaps and enhance the collaborative funding approach
  • Support the FAST Initiative Officer with fundraising efforts by contributing to the development of outreach materials and participating in donor meetings



  • 5+ years of relevant professional experience working on ports issues, with a broad understanding of the various stakeholders, technologies, and regulatory frameworks related to port operations
  • Technical understanding of ports-related emission reductions and zero-emission transportation frameworks and technologies 
  • Experience with advocacy campaigns and community engagement; experience with environmental justice issues at the community and policy levels preferred


Additionally, qualified candidates will have:

  • The ability to understand, synthesize, and communicate about technical concepts with stakeholders of different backgrounds and levels of familiarity with port topics 
  • Facilitation skills and the ability to manage strategic communications across a diverse set of stakeholders
  • Strong project management skills
  • The ability to work independently and collaborate effectively within a team environment
  • A Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field (e.g., sociology, political science, environmental policy, transportation, and/or energy systems) 

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