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Category: Economy

$128 bln in FX reserves met excess demand for foreign currency during pandemic: CB 20
Turkey's Erdogan defends ‘risky but correct’ economic policy 21
New finance minister sparks debate about his credentials to steer Turkish economy 22
Erdogan Blames Lira Slump on Attacks by ‘Money Barons’ 23
Turkey's currency crisis hits Idlib in Syria 24
Turkey's top 'economist' orders probe into Turkish lira's slump 25
Erdogan Defends Pursuit of Lower Interest Rates as Lira Sinks 26
Snap election only way out of Turkey’s financial woes, imprisoned Kurdish leader says 27
En jouant l’apaisement, Erdogan et les Occidentaux évitent la crise
Erdogan Becoming a Liability for Turkey 28