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RELEASE: Censorship in Turkey Fuels Greater Distrust, More Misinformation on Social Media 21
Erdogan's crusade against "all media and political viruses" 22
Tough times for journalism in Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Turkey 23
Hundreds detained in Turkey in crackdown on criticism of Syria incursion: Amnesty 24
Turkey’s Erdogan moves to sue French Le Point magazine 25
Turkish gendarmes detain 8 performers for singing in Kurdish: report 26
More than 26,000 people investigated for insulting Turkish president in 2018 27
Purged human rights defender briefly taken into custody, subjected to excessive force 28
Turkish rappers release 2 songs criticizing social injustice, human rights abuses 29
Minister says 20,000 investigated in Turkey over social media posts in 5 years 30