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Category: Human Rights

HDP lawmaker calls for release of end-stage cancer patient jailed over Gülen links 19
Erdoğan’s ‘parallel army’ SADAT might assassinate dissidents in Turkey and abroad: Peker 20
Kurdish journalist  convicted of spreading terrorist propaganda for publishing an interview 21
Turkish soldiers beat, push Afghan refugees back to Iran: HRW 22
Turkey orders detention of 113 people over alleged Gülen links in 2 investigations 23
Purge victim not allowed to obtain passport despite recommendation by ombudsman 24
Former deputy co-chair of HDP Aysel Tugluk sentenced to 20 months for spreading ‘terrorist propaganda’ 25
Female refugee in İstanbul attacked, threatened by neighbors, insulted by police 26
Rights association files complaint against prison guards who allegedly beat and sexually harassed female inmate 27
Refugees becoming a tool to settle geopolitical scores 28