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Category: Human Rights

Turkey orders detention of 183 suspects in ongoing crackdown on Gülen movement 21
Columnist’s hate campaign against inmate with cancer ends in his death 22
Police officer accused of torturing former air force commander gets promoted 23
Minister accuses Kurdish villagers allegedly tortured by Turkish soldiers of aiding terrorists: report 24
Jailed journalist says in letter inmates forced to live in cells invaded by rats: report 25
Refugees in Turkey are pushed into ghettoization in absence of integration policies 26
Turkish authorities should stop harassing Mesopotamia News Agency and release detained reported Dindar Karataş: CPJ 28
Turkey has removed 151 mayors on ‘terror charges’ since 2014: Interior Ministry 29
Interior Minister: 292,000 detained, 96,000 arrested over Gülen links so far 30
European rights court slams convictions based on secret witness testimony 31