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Tag: HDP

Erdogan spares no punches to defeat his political opponents 21
Jailed Kurdish politician Demirtaş urges support for opposition’s İstanbul mayoral candidate 22
Arbitrary arrest and subsequent release of Ms. Nurcan Baysal 23
Jailed lawmaker Demirtaş says pro-Kurdish HDP played key role in AKP upset at polls 24
Kurdish New Year gets political in Diyarbakir 25
Erdoğan says pro-Kurdish HDP’s lawmakers, not supporters, are terrorists 26
Ghost towns: Conflict stymies campaigning in southeastern Turkey 27
Erdoğan threatens HDP municipalities with more trustees 28
Time for peace in Turkey's Kurdish conflict, 20 years after Ocalan's capture 29
YouTube removes Demirtaş’s election campaign video at state broadcaster’s request 30