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Tag: HDP

HDP closure fears grow after new 'terror' charges raised against party executive 21
Demirtas charged with new offences in bid to keep the Kurdish politician in jail 22
HDP faces being shut down after passing of controversial new law in Turkey targeting NGOs and civil society groups 23
Turkey’s Kurdish party target of tug of war between Islamists, ultra-nationalists 24
Europe human rights court calls on Turkey to release Demirtas 25
What do Turkey's Kurds expect from Biden's presidency? 26
Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan cracks down on pro-Kurdish politicians 27
Turkish police attack mourners at funeral of Kurdish teenager who was allegedly kidnapped and raped by a Turkish soldier 28
Turkey's opposition party demands parliamentary inquiry into Suruc Massacre 29
Sexual threat against HDP leader’s wife backfires as Turks rally around women 30