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Turkey slams ‘Napoleon’ Macron for meddling in Greece tensions – ‘Protecting what’s ours’


Turkey slams ‘Napoleon’ Macron for meddling in Greece tensions – ‘Protecting what’s ours’


TURKEY has warned Emmanuel Macron his interference in Ankara’s dispute with Greece has only “prolonged” the tensions as Defence Minister Hulusi Akar insisted his country will continue to defend Turkish sovereignty.

Turkey and Greece have been embroiled in a bitter battle of wills further exacerbated by the intervention of Emmanuel Macron in support of Athens. Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar warned the French President he must stop interfering if the ongoing dispute is to be resolved quickly. Speaking to Channel 4 News, Mr Akar said: “Mr Macron is not contributing to a solution here.

“He is pouring fuel onto the problems and this is why the issue is being prolonged. Mr Macron himself is dreaming.

“He is trying to take on the role of Napoleon, who died 200 years ago. But we can all see that he is neither powerful enough nor tall enough to do it.

“We are not pursuing any kind of imperialistic aims. Here we are protecting our rights and the law.”

The latest bout of tensions between Ankara and Athens is the result of Turkey refusing to back down from conducting energy research in the disputed section of the Eastern Mediterranean. 

Source: Express

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