Erdogan defends Turkish drone base in north as ‘need for readiness’

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed that a Turkish drone base was operating in the north, citing the need for readiness in case of attacks in the region, reports said.

Speaking to young people in Turkey to mark the Youth and Sports Day, observed on May 19, Erdogan said Turkey was not limited to 780,000 square kilometres, but it was “everywhere”, arguing this was the reason why they were taking steps in Palestine, Cyprus, the eastern Mediterranean and Iraq.

Erdogan also said a Turkish drone base operates in the northern part of Cyprus so that Turkey can be ready in case of any attacks in the region. There have been reports some two years ago that Turkey was to fly drones out of an airport in Lefkoniko.

Erdogan said there are two airports in the north, the one in Tymbou everyone knows about and another one, an old one which has been renamed and where Turkey uses as a base for its drones.

He reiterated he would be in the north on July 20, the anniversary of the Turkish invasion in Cyprus, so that he can send the necessary messages to the whole world.

The Turkish president also referred to his country’s drilling activities in the area.

He said Turkey has now five drill rigs and survey vessels and does not need anyone.

“Don’t be surprised if you hear soon news about oil and natural gas,” he reportedly said.

By Evie Andreou

Source: Cyprus Mail

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