Mafiatic Turkish State is Decrypted

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KRT TV shared the criminal network of government officials and high profile people based on Sedat Peker’s confessions and this network withdrew the attention of the public on how these former and current officials turned the state into a real international criminal organization. The network of this international criminal organization backed by the Erdogan regime were discussed by journalists in detail in this news show. Journalists Inan Demirel and Mustafa Hos explained the shady links and the dirty deeds by displaying their network of officials based on respective spheres of influence on one another.

Mafiatic Turkish State is Decrypted 2

Journalist Mustafa Hos, said “There are myriad cases of money laundering, drug dealing, target killings, political murders, trafficking of women, and (with the involvement of the) police, judiciary, bureaucracy, minister of defense, the armed forces… I mean, there are numerous factors and segments” of this network of criminal links and (local and international) shady deals.

I will endeavor running an analysis of Erdogan’s current criminal network on state means from a different perspective. Firstly, we all remember one thing here. It is the same Erdogan regime who scapegoated the Gulen Movement with baseless allegations and went the extra mile to diagram the Movement  as a terrorist organization to run a sweeping unleash of witch-hunts against the participants and the institutions of the Movement at home and abroad. Not ironic but the fact, Suleyman Soylu, Interior Minister, whose name is written big and displayed at the center of the numerous criminal activities on the network leads these witch-hunts against the Movement. The harsh style of police operations led by Suleyman Soylu against the followers of the Movement in Turkey has always puzzled me. Suleyman Soylu has known the Movement well, especially by the way he frequented the functions organized by the Movement before and the way he traveled to Pennsylvania in 2012 to meet Fethullah Gulen in person there.  Even some critics claimed that Suleyman Soylu steers these operations in a harsh way to prove his loyalty to Erdogan to conceal his past relations with the Movement. According to the critics, someone like Soylu who knew the Gulen Movement at such proximity would never dare to go to extremes in hate and arrest everyone regardless of their age, gender, and health conditions etc. Yet, the police under his tutelage even arrested the mothers who recently delivered their babies at maternity wards without giving these women any of their legal rights.

With the Sedat Peker’s allegations, all is now crystal clear. To my surprise, Suleyman Soylu was not someone known to anyone at all. He was rather the de facto-leader of the Erdogan’s mafia state. This mafia with all its criminal activities has mostly been motivated to seize the wealth of the businesspeople who do not bow before the oppression and who are mostly the sympathizers of the Gulen Movement. To be able to make this happen, Erdogan and his associated needed to create a state based on the pedestals fear and repression. They achieved it by orchestrating these harsh operations. Before the curtain, the public has been deceived with the lie of state fighting against terrorism, but, Suleyman Soylu and other people linked to him on this network behind the scenes planned to pave the path for the lucrativeness of their criminal network and increase of their wealth.

Erdogan regime did not only baselessly blame the Movement as a terror organization but also with many other derogative and unacceptable slanders like virusesgang memberstraitorsassassins (alleging the Movement as a a parallel state, cult, faction, sect or secretive order), drug addicts, agentsbloodsuckers and hundreds more. What the Movement did to deserve to be called by any of these slanders? There is a Turkish saying “A dervish utters what is in his heart, not what is in his head,” and with Sedat Peker’s confessions we have come to understand that how the Erdogan regime fabricates and produces all these slanders. All these slanders have been the reflections of what are in their hearts, not only in their minds. All their slanders have been the reflections of how they see themselves in the mirror.

They scapegoated and slandered at the Gulen Movement as a terror organization but as learnt, it is Erdogan regime officials and stooges who smuggle weapons to terror organizations in Syria and elsewhere,

They slandered at the Gulen Movement by calling the participants of the Movement as viruses but as we see the corruption has invaded every nook and corner in the corridors of power in Turkey like a virus,

They slandered at the Gulen Movement by calling it a gang, but as we learn, the Erdogan regime with its associates is an actual international gang and crime syndicate also displayed in the network image above,

They slandered at the Gulen Movement by calling the participants of the Movement as assassins, but as we learn, they themselves assassinated many civil and political figures for political ambitions, smuggled drugs, trafficked women to trap people and secretly recorded smut tapes to blackmail many influential people,

They scapegoated the Gulen Movement as a cult, but we see how Erdogan’s party members glorify him no different than God Himself and praise his personality by saying exaggerated things like, “I would gladly surrender my wife to him, if I ever saw her with him”,

They slandered at the Gulen Movement by calling the participants of the Movement as bloodsuckers; we learnt how Erdogan’s mafia state seized the wealth of the people by defaming them on baseless charges,

The list could go on for more but I will cut it short here. With the confessions of Sedat Peker and the criminal network of the Erdogan regime as shown in the image above, we came to know that the Gulen Movement, Kurds, Alevites, and all minorities in Turkey have always been crushed in the primitive political sphere of Turkey as scapegoats for successive governments to stay afloat.

The international crime network of the Erdogan regime would not survive longer if the Movement was not touched. The regime officials knew it very well and thus selected the Movement as a scapegoat for a variety of their own crimes: Stoking the civil war in Syria, using the Syrian refugee crisis as a trump card with the European Union and the world, sect-wars in the Middle East and the July 15 failed coup attempt were extras of the last five years of the successful continuation of the failed Erdogan regime through victimizing the Movement. Erdogan used all parameters successfully and made all of his moves easily because of the variety of cards in his hand.

Today, it is obvious who befits the definition and the conduct of terror groups, crime syndicates, gangs, traffickers, murderers, and bloodsuckers. What a pity, the nation suffers the most from all these ordeals, yet no one actually seems to be taking stern action against the tide of evil in Turkey. Why? People should have not supported the Erdogan regime when he called one of the most peaceful movement of the world, the Gulen Movement, as a terror organization in 2016. Erdogan grabbed more power on each day after that milestone. Nowadays, he lazes around in his dictatorial self. That’s why, he pulls everyone who has been indulged in wrongdoing along in his bloody game. Seemingly, there is no way out of this quagmire. Meanwhile, there is more to life with active hope, because people live in the world as long as they dream.

Source: Poli Turco

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