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Two separate reports on the European Union’s common external security and defence policies are being discussed in ongoing European Parliamentary Assembly meetings in Strasbourg.

A report written by the Liberal Group (Renew) member and French parliamentarian Nathalie Loiseau on the EU’s common security and defence policies states that Turkey ‘frequently plays a destabilising role in areas of concern to the EU and its neighbours, thus threatening regional stability, peace and security’.

According to the DW Türkce news article, the report notes that “Turkey’s actions in the Eastern Mediterranean region are a cause for extreme concern, especially the illegal actions and operations being conducted in the maritime jurisdiction zones of the EU member countries Cyprus and Greece”. Turkey’s illegal actions were condemned in the meetings.

The report noted that despite all efforts at lowering tension in the region, the actions of the Turkish military ships were provocative, offensive and in conflict with international laws such as the UN’s military embargo on Libya.

It also stated that the EU has all means to protect the stability of the region and the interests of itself and the member states.

Projections of Turkey becoming member state not realistic

The report drawn up by the Christian Democrat Group member and German MP David Mcallister stressed that projections of Turkey’s membership of the EU are unrealistic.

The report called on the European Council to propose a suspension of Turkey’s EU negotiations unless the current negative course of events is immediately ended by Turkey.

The report also noted that Turkey’s external policies have drifted away from those of the EU and called for a renewal of diplomatic dialogue for a permanent solution to the conflicts in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The reports will be voted on today, Wednesday, and the results of the vote are expected to be announced on Thursday.


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