Snake head found in plane food on Turkish airline

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A flight attendant from a Turkey-based budget airline supposedly found a severed snake head in one of the in-flight meals.

The Sun reported that the bizarre discovery was made on the flight from Ankara to Dusseldorf, while another site clarified the plane was going from Antalya to Vienna.

The airline, SunExpress is based in Antalya, Turkey.

It is co-owned by Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa and was established in 1989.

The airline flies to more than 90 destinations across Europe.

How head was discovered

Even though the destination of the flight was unclear, what was clear was that an animal head was discovered mid-meal. A flight attendant had apparently just tucked into the crew meal consisting of assorted potatoes, vegetables and tomatoes.

After a few bites, the head was discovered in the tray, New York Post reported.

Some of the videos posted on social media referred to the foreign object as a lizard head.

Snake head found in plane food on Turkish airline 2

Airline issues statement

After the snake head incident, SunExpress released a statement saying what happened was unacceptable.

The statement read: “It is our top priority that the services we provide to our guests on our aircraft are of the highest quality and that both our guests and employees have a comfortable and safe flight experience.”

“The allegations and shares in the press regarding in-flight food service are absolutely unacceptable and a detailed investigation has been initiated on the subject.”

“Until the research process in question is concluded, all preventive measures and actions, including stopping the supply of the relevant product, have been taken immediately”

This latest unwelcomed ingredient came amidst complaints by other staff regarding finding beetles and snails in food, as well as mouldy meals, The Sun reported.

Food caterer responds

However, Sancak Inflight Services, the catering company that supplies SunExpress in Ankara, claimed that the snake head could not have come from the company’s kitchen due to their stringent protocols.

“We did not use any of the foreign objects that were supposedly in the food when cooking”, the food supply firm insisted, saying this was due to the technical and thermal conditions used in the in-flight catering facilities.

Sancak claimed that its meals are cooked at 280°C.

The catering company also claimed that none of the of the dishes seen came out of the food produced by the company.

This has led to speculation that the relatively fresh-looking snake head must have been added after the cooking process, with the other possibility being that the food was not even by the catering company.

Sancak also claimed that SunExpress has failed to provide them with the food samples from the incident.


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