Electricity, gas prices raised by 20 percent for households

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The Energy Market Regulation Authority (EPDK) and the Petroleum Pipeline Company (BOTAŞ) have announced price increases for electricity and natural gas starting from this month.

Electricity prices have increased 20 percent for households and agricultural use, 30 percent for the public and service sector, and 50 percent for the industry, the EPDK said early yesterday (September 1).

Natural gas prices have increased by 20.4 percent for households, 47.6 percent for small and medium-scale businesses, 50.8 percent for the industry, and 49.5 percent for electricity production.

In its statement, BOTAŞ noted that the increase in gas prices has been continuing since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war. While gas prices have increased by nearly 2,000 percent since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the increase in Türkiye’s household prices was significantly lower than that, it said.

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