Pro Kurdish Party “acts as a key party in next year’s elections”

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“We want to change this government. Thus, we act responsibly. We also know that we are the key party in the elections, we are aware of our strength,” said Mithat Sancar, co-chair of HDP (People’s Democratic Party)

Sancar made these remarks at the party’s headquarters during a convention of the Party Assembly to determine its policies for the new term.

Sancar recalled an appeal HDP made to opposition parties “for open dialogue and direct negotiation in terms of the presidential election” but decried “those who try to ignore, exclude and humiliate the Kurdish people.”

HDP is the center of a debate in a much polarized Turkey over finding a joint candidate with the opposition parties in the elections to be held next year in June. 

President Erdogan, whose approval ratings have been in decline due to the economic woes in the country, has formally announced his presidential candidacy for re-election but an alliance of six opposition parties including the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) are working on putting forward a joint name to run against Erdogan. HDP is not among that opposition bloc.

Recently, when a CHP deputy said it would only be natural for the HDP to be given a minister when he was talking about a hypothetical cabinet, he was lambasted not only by the ruling block but also by nationalist Iyi Party (Good Party) from the opposition, whose chair said they could not “coexist with HDP.”

HDP is accused of having ties with the PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) by nationalist parties but it denies allegations. 

Source: Gerçek News

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