Turkey Summons National Army Leaders to Unite Factions

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Leaders of Syrian National Army factions will hold a meeting in Turkey on Wednesday to unite the ranks under one command, sources confirmed to The New Arab. 

According to the sources, the meeting aims to unite all factions under one military command and one security department, including the “Euphrates Shield, Olive Branch and Peace Spring” areas in northern Syria. 

The sources explained that the meeting would bring together leaders from the factions of the Syrian National Army, headed by the commander of the Hamza Division, Saif Abu Bakr, Mohammed al-Jassim, known as Abu Amsha, the commander of the Suleiman Shah division, Hossam Yassin, commander of the Third Corps, Fahim Issa, commander of the Thaeron Liberation Commission, and some military and security leaders in the national army. 

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The meeting aims to merge the factions under one military command and one military council. All of the members will receive orders from them to remove the military factions from civil affairs and to form a unified civilian administration for the areas of the Euphrates Shield, the Olive Branch and the Peace Spring in the north of the country.   

In the event of disagreement on a unified military command, the civilian and security arm of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) will enter the area and oversee all the joints of the security, service and local zone. The unified administration of the organization will oversee the work of the institutions of the Syrian interim government while retaining them within the area. 

Turkish security sources say that one command and one army will emerge, although many attempts to create a single army in the past have been futile, while HTS will be excluded from the new formation because it is not part of the national structure.

The sources said that all groups and components under the “national army” will be dissolved under the new plan. 

“They will also withdraw from civilian areas, and a regular army will be formed with central command. ” 

Source: The Syrian Observer

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