MHP official admits to having transferred money to alleged instigator

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An official of the far right Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), who was arrested on suspicion of involvement in the murder of former Grey Wolves leader Sinan Ates, admitted that he had transferred money to a suspect who is accused of instigating the murder, Turkish independent media OdaTV said.

Ates, leader of the MHP-affiliated Grey Wolves in 2019-20, was killed on 30 December in Ankara by gunmen.

MHP official Ufuk Kokturk told the prosecution that Dogukan Cep, member of a crime network in Istanbul, called him on 28 December on Facetime, and asked him to lend him some money. He subsequently made a fund transfer through his wife’s debit card to to Cep, Kokturk said.

Cep, also known by the nickname of “Dodo,” was captured on Thursday in a police raid on a hotel in the village of Ishakli in Istanbul’s Beykoz district.

Cep had been sentenced to a prison term of 35 years in 2018 over charges including involvement in the murder of a man named Hasan Ferit Gedik in Istanbul, and has been in the run for four years.

Asked about the gun recovered in his house, Kokturk said that he had bought it from a Syrian national six months earlier in Istanbul.

Two special task force officers arrested in the context of the ongoing investigation are accused of collecting and using a Volkswagen transporter van to carry the gunmen from Istanbul to Ankara, OdaTV said.

10 suspects are currently in custody, including Kokturk, Cep and the two police officers.

Source: Gerçek News

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