Erdogan criticized for cash handout to earthquake victims

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Turkish opposition leader Ali Babacan denounced President Tayyip Erdogan’s giving cash to children in the Adiyaman earthquake zone, saying, “This image is not normal.”

In a post on Twitter, the DEVA party leader pointed to the housing problem, saying: “People want to be treated in accordance with human dignity, not given an allowance as if it were handed out by a shah.”

Babacan also added a news story and the picture of President Erdogan handing cash to children from behind a fence.


Tuncay Ozkan, Chief Advisor to the CHP Chairman, said, “You cannot erase the pain with money. What a shame. It is a very embarrassing attitude.”

Hours before the cash handout, Erdogan admitted that the government had been ineffective in responding to the disaster in the days after the earthquakes.

He asked the public’s understanding about the government’s failure to carry out effective search and rescue efforts after the two Feb. 6 earthquakes.

Source: Gerçek News

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