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The leader of Turkey’s nationalist Good Party returned to the opposition alliance days after signalling exit by accusing other party leaders of “imposing” a presidential candidate, giving precedence to “personal agendas and ambitions” over national interests, and violating the principle of taking the decisions unanimously.

As a split in the alliance, known as the Table of Six, looked certain and any resolution bleak, things have suddenly begun to take a different turn on Monday after Good Party leader Meral Aksener met with the mayors of Istanbul and Ankara, proposed that they are appointed co-vice presidents in case of an elections victory, and main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) announced that they accept the proposal.

Following a quick meeting with CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu, Aksener joined the meeting of opposition leaders a short while later, which signaled the resolution of the crisis that emerged on Friday.

It remains to be seen though whether Aksener who earlier objected to the nomination of Kilicdaroglu for the coming presidential election will now support it, and whether or not her proposal for appointing two mayors as co-vice presidents after an elections win will be accepted by other four leaders.

Three leaders, the chairs of Islamist Felicity Party, center right Future Party and Democrat Party are known to have expressed their support for Kilicdaroglu’s candidacy, and the leader of center right Democracy and Progress Party (DEVA) reportedly said he does not hold an objection.

Source: Gerçek News

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