CHP accuses AKP of plotting deep fake video against Kilicdaroglu

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People’s Republican Party (CHP) Deputy Chair Engin Koc accused the ruling AKP (Justice and Development Party) of preparing a deep fake video which shows the opposition’s joint presidential candidate Kemal Kilicdaroglu meeting with outlawed PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) in a bid to further distance nationalist voters from him.

Koc claimed that they had received intelligence about plans to create a video that would falsely implicate Kilicdaroglu in a meeting with the PKK by mimicking his voice using deep fake technology.

The announcement was made during a talk show on Halk TV, where Ozkoç further explained that they had received information that billboards featuring the images of children of fallen soldiers would be used to propagate the false narrative.

“If you dare to do such a thing, if you dare to do something so despicable and dishonorable, we will take serious action. And whoever it may be, they will be held accountable before the law,” Koc said.

Kilicdaroglu also had previously warned of similar attempts by the government to spread disinformation and propaganda during the election campaign. In a tweet on May 1, he had cautioned against attempts at “Cambridge Analytica-like manipulation.” He had warned that his opponents were trying to negotiate with the dark web and that such attempts would only expose them to foreign intelligence agencies.

Source. Gerçek News

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