Report: Half of Germany approves Islamophobic views, sees Islam as “backward religion”

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A report prepared by an independent expert group revealed that Islamophobia is prevalent in a significant portion of German society, Deutsche Welle Turkish reported on Thursday.

The report, written by a 9-member “Independent Expert Group on Islamophobia” appointed by former Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, sheds light on the widespread anti-Muslim sentiments in Germany.

After being submitted to the Secretary of the Interior Ministry, Juliane Seifert, the report was made public.

Based on scientific research, police crime statistics, anti-discrimination agencies, counseling centers, and documents from civil society organizations, the group investigated Islamophobia in German society.

The report stated that the research and documents provided information on anti-Muslim attitudes in Germany and emphasized that “Islamophobia is not a marginal issue in society, but rather widespread among a large part of the German population and has remained at a high level for years.”


The report mentioned that one in two people in Germany approves of Islamophobic statements, and it highlighted that Muslims are perceived both as “foreign” immigrants and as followers of a so-called “backward” religion, causing them to be negatively impacted twice due to these perceptions.

The report also emphasized that Muslims are subjected to intense social discrimination, affecting areas such as education, employment, housing, media, and politics.

The report pointed out that those who identify themselves as religious, those who are active in a Muslim association, or those who wear clothing with religious connotations are particularly affected by anti-Muslim racism, with a special mention of the experiences faced by women who wear headscarves.

Regarding the field of education, the report mentioned that Muslim students and teachers experience various forms of Islamophobia. It highlighted that Muslim students are portrayed worse than they actually are in performance evaluations, and racist ideas about Muslims are transmitted to students through educational tools.

The report warned that in the media, Islam and Muslims are especially portrayed in a negative light, which is particularly visible in newspapers and television channels. It stated that a one-sided, negative image of Islam could lead to a loss of trust among Muslims and encourage far-right violent acts.


The report presented a series of measures that need to be taken to combat Islamophobia and also demanded the appointment of a “responsible person for combating Islamophobia” within the government.

Secretary Seifert, in her statement, highlighted that there are approximately 5.5 million Muslims living in Germany, half of whom are German citizens. She noted that this comprehensive report on Islamophobia is the first of its kind and emphasized the importance of addressing the problems affecting coexistence within society. Seifert stated that this report would be taken seriously, discussed with relevant ministries, and addressed jointly with Muslim associations at the Germany Islam Conference to be held next winter.

Prof. Dr. Kai Hafez from Erfurt University pointed out that there are political tasks that need to be fulfilled in the fight against Islamophobia. He mentioned that some party programs include mentions of Islamophobia, but there is a lack of concrete plans for implementing reforms in this regard.

Source: Gerçek News

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