Transported in Turkish military vehicles for over 6,000 USD a person | Nearly 20 people sneak daily into Turkey from “Peace Spring” area

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Al-Hasakah province: SOHR sources have reported that Turkish forces, with cooperation with commanders of the “National Army,” work in human trafficking from “Peace Spring” area in the north-west of Al-Hasakah to Turkey, via Jaylan Banar border crossing which connects Ras Al-Ain city and Turkey.

According to SOHR sources, civilians are smuggled into Turkey in military vehicles of the Turkish army and ambulances for sums of money ranging between 4,000 USD and 6,000 USD every person.

SOHR sources have also confirmed that brokers among factions of the “National Army” help 12 to 20 civilians to sneak from “Peace Spring” area into Turkey every day, after reaching deals and paying those sums of money.

SOHR sources had reported that Turkish-backed factions continued their violations against Syrians attempting to sneak from Ras Al-Ain city in Al-Hasakah countryside into Turkey with the help of smugglers, where Turkish-backed militiamen frequently kidnapped and arrested many, after coordination with affiliated smugglers, in order to collect ransoms.

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