Turkish flight crew member seeks asylum at airport upon arrival from Istanbul

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The incident came to light on Tuesday when the young man named Serhat Temel, a member of the flight crew, posted in his social media account a message and a video that shows him waving goodbye at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport shortly after the plane landed.

He said in his message:

“Hi everyone, I’ve just brought to an end my life of 27 years in Turkey. I’ve crossed into Dutch territory with the intention of seeking asylum. I’m here to live in a country of my dreams and to take refuge in a state that has always stood by us. I do not accept and want to live any longer in Turkey because of the situation there, because of the current order of things, the refugees, the mafia, the opportunists; in a country where people get killed even when they’re just taking a stroll in the street.”

He added:

“Look after my dogs, pay them a visit once in a while, kiss them and stroke them with love. I’m now about to turn myself to the airport police and set off for the refugee camp.”

Source: Gerçek News

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