Six Russian airstrikes | Eight members of “HTS” killed in military headquarter on outskirts of Idlib

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After midnight of Sunday-Monday, eight members of “HTS” were killed and others were injured, in six airstrikes carried out by Russian warplanes, targeting a military headquarter of HTS on the junction of Korin on the outskirts of Idlib city near a summer park, where the injured were taken to the hospital for treatment, amid imposing a security cordon and preventing rescue teams from approaching the targeted location. The number of the fatalities is likely to rise due to the presence of serious conditions.
Accordingly, SOHR has documented the death of 35 civilians and combatants in airstrikes by Russian warplanes on “Putin-Erdogan” area, since 2023, specifically since June 24, in addition to the injury of more than 46 people. The fatalities are:
– 15 civilians, including two children of Turkistan families, in an aerial bombardment on Idlib.
-12 of the jihadists groups and eight of HTS by aerial targeting on Idlib.


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