Rule of law is Turkey’s ‘red line,’ says Erdoğan

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Turkey will never compromise on the rule of law, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday.

“The rule of law is our common goal and red line. It is our duty to prevent the reproaches from the society by raising the quality of justice services and increasing trust in the judiciary,” Erdogan said at a ceremony in the capital Ankara marking the opening of the new judicial year.

No citizen should doubt that the courthouse is the door to justice, he added.

“For this reason, we can never compromise on the rule of law principle,” the president said, stressing that Turkey continues to introduce new judicial packages every year.

Following up on a pledge he made before being reelected this May, Erdogan reiterated his promise to introduce a new civilian Constitution for the country.

“Our promise to the nation will be a first-class Constitution that complements first-class democracy, economy, and freedoms. Our vision of the ‘Century of Turkey’ will be strengthened with such a Constitution,” Erdogan said.

“With the opening of parliament, we will restart our initiatives to inculcate Turkish democracy with a new Constitution,” he added.

The incumbent Constitution was introduced after a military coup in 1980.

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