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Category: Art & Culture

Self-declared religiously conservative youths on the decline in Turkey, poll finds 21
LETTER FROM ISTANBUL: Making Turkey Great Again (Or At Least Istanbul) 22
How Turkish coffee destroyed an empire 23
The first lady watched school kids coloring in Tulsa. The Turks saw links to terrorism 25
Sexual abuse of girls 11 or younger increased 94 pct from 2014 to 2017: report 26
Divorces İn Turkey Rose By 10.9 Pct. And Marriages Fell By 2.9 Pct. İn 2018 27
Former army chief describes Gülen-linked cadets as ‘smart and good looking’ 28
Turks Examine Their Muslim Devotion After Poll Says Faith Could Be Waning 29
Andrew Brunson, back in US after detention, hopes to return to Turkey one day 31
1,200-year-old Bible reportedly recovered from smugglers in Turkey 33