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Category: Art & Culture

Iran opposes Turkey’s bid to inscribe “Islamic calligraphy” on UNESCO list 21
Fighting for Osman Kavala's freedom from Turkish prison with opera 22
Sexual threat against HDP leader’s wife backfires as Turks rally around women 23
Youth in Turkey increasingly resisting religion, study suggests 24
How Istanbul won back its crown as heart of the Muslim world 25
Vinegar gargles and sheep's head soup – Turkey's strange coronavirus remedies 26
Turkey sees panic buying of lemon cologne as disinfectant against coronavirus 27
‘History disappears’ as dam waters flood ancient Turkish town 28
Turkish barbers have established a strong brand in Britain, forcing others to change their practices 29
Fethullah Gulen Cited among Watkins’ 2019 the Most Spiritually Influential 100 Living People 30