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Category: July 15

Turkey arrests alleged license holder for ByLock messaging app 20
Civil servant fired in post-coup purge not reinstated despite acquittal of all charges 21
Former colonel reveals photo of tortured soldiers in mosque during July 15 attempted coup 22
Children of parents jailed in Turkey’s post-coup crackdown becoming ‘suicidal,’ purged academic claims 23
Turkish secular elites challenge gov’t narrative on Turkey’s 'coup' 24
ByLock was used as pretext to arrest critics of Erdoğan gov’t, ex-lawmaker claims 25
Wife of inmate suffering from brain tumors says husband's health has taken a turn for the worse 26
After Fifth July 15 Anniversary what? 27
Billions of dollars changed hands after the 2016 coup 28
'Western intelligence services know everything about Erdogan but keep quiet.':  Director Jørgen Lorentzen 29