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Category: Kurdish Question

Kurdish journalist hits out after unlawful detention in Turkey 20
Komala Party urge world not to forget the Kurds of Iran 21
Kurds are struggling to breathe in Turkey 22
Journalist goes on trial on terror charges for posting Nevruz photo 23
Kurds in 'mountain prison' cower as Turkey fights PKK with drones in Iraq 24
'Where are you?': HDP deputy Hüda Kaya urges Turkey's opposition to speak up against Gergerlioğlu's arrest 25
"Apologize for making Kurdish again an 'unknown language' and reviving the Kurdish issue by leaving this nation in the lurch": Babacan to Erdogan 26
Journalist sentenced to prison on terrorism charges in first hearing of trial 27
Court rejects request to acquit 46 defendants in Saturday Mothers trial 29
Head of Iran’s Olympics implicated in murder of prisoners via torture 30