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Category: Politics

Facebook bows to Turkish demand to name local representative 21
Turkish mob boss who mysteriously fled Turkey faces extradition from Kosovo 22
Yusuf Bilge Tunç’s father says their lives on hold 500 days after his disappearance 23
Turkey slams Greek Archbishop’s presumptuous Islam comment ahead of exploratory talks 24
Erdoğan is under putschist military "tutelage’’ and will soon be "eliminated’’ by the faction that controls him: Ex-Prime Minister and ally 25
Erdogan threatens rival politicians with prison 26
Facing Biden, Erdogan extends olive branch to EU 27
Turkey sees sharp rise in number of poverty-related suicides under AKP rule 28
3,362 people killed, 3,534 mistreated or tortured in Turkey in 2020, opposition MP says 29
Will Turkey succeed with its new charm offensive? 30