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Category: Politics

Turkish Interior Minister Soylu boasts world’s best refugee policy amid concerns of new wave of asylum seekers 20
Civil servant fired in post-coup purge not reinstated despite acquittal of all charges 21
Secular Turks mock government’s appropriation of care-free lifestyles in Istanbul promo video
Former colonel reveals photo of tortured soldiers in mosque during July 15 attempted coup 22
Many Hurdles on the Way to Accountability for Rohingya and Uyghur Atrocities 23
US seeks to protect national security secrets in Saudi spy lawsuit in Canada
Saudi Arabia jails Sudanese journalist for critical tweets: HRW
Turkey and Lebanon 'least positive' nations in the world: Gallup report 24
US appeals court rejects Turkey’s attempt to dismiss lawsuit against Erdoğan guards 25
There are clear indications of the existence of hit lists targeting Turkish government critics in Germany, says Interior Ministry 26