Capacity Building Of Smes In Climate Action And Mobilization Of Climate Finance

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This assignment aims at: (i) identifying needs of SMEs in developing new business models; (ii) developing training programs for green finance advisors and training module on climate action for SME capacity building program to advance their understanding of climate actions, initiatives and the opportunities; and (iii) delivering the training programs and provide recommendations for continuous improvement and effective delivery mechanism.


  • This assignment aims to develop and deliver training program for advancing climate financing for SMEs and modules for improving SMEs’ understanding of climate actions, initiatives and the opportunities. The proposed activities include:
  • Identify capacity-building gaps and needs in relation to climate action of and financing for SMEs:
  • Review relevant surveys on SME climate change awareness, capacity needs assessment(s) and identify/analyze gaps and needs in relation to climate action of SMEs.
  • Investigate and identify existing SME training programs, climate/green financing opportunities and scope in collaboration with the partner bank.
  • Consult with the partner bank(s) and investigate interests and approach in embedding climate action and finance content/modules into their training program(s).
  • Consult with SMEs and SME support institutions and assess the capacity-building gaps and needs.
  • Develop dedicated training program for green finance advisors of the partner bank:
  • Building on the assessment and findings from consultations, propose training approach and content of the training for green finance advisors.
  • Develop training program for green finance advisors.
  • Develop climate action and finance training modules that can be integrated to other training program(s) for SME capacity building.

Deliver trainings program(s):

  • In consultation with the partner bank, organize and deliver trainings of at least 400 person*days for green finance advisors.
  • Organize and deliver climate finance modules of at least 300 person*days for SMEs. The training schedule and approach to be agreed with the partner bank and its SME training program.
  • Review training program and effectiveness of the trainings and make recommendations for improvement and scalability.
  • Review and analyze effectiveness of the training approaches.
  • Make recommendations for: (i) potential scale up and/or sustainable delivery mechanism; (ii) arrangements with hosting institutions/training programs.


The description of required expert may be split into following parts:

  • Minimum 5 years of relevant experience in SME capacity building, financing and/or climate action and finance;
  • Master’s degree, or equivalent combination of relevant education and experience;
  • Proven experience in training program development for SMEs and capacity building;
  • In-depth understanding about Mongolian SMEs and financial sector, and SME financing environment and programs;
  • Strong organization skills;
  • Experience working for/with international institutions and familiarity with their policies and procedures;
  • Fluency in Mongolian and high level of proficiency in English.





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