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International Council of Voluntary Agencies

Terms of Reference: Advancing Data Transparency

Organisation: International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA)

Duration: 30 days to be confirmed

Starting date: July – November 2024

Location: Home-based

About ICVA

Established in 1962, the International Council of Voluntary Agencies (ICVA) comprises a worldwide network of more than 160 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) engaged in activities across 160 countries. Operating at global, regional, national, and local levels, ICVA is dedicated to enhancing the principled and effective nature of humanitarian action. Through collaborative and independent efforts, the organisation influences policies and practices, fostering collective impact on the humanitarian landscape.

The ICVA 2030 Strategy adopted by the ICVA’s General Assembly in 2021 sets the framework for the direction and focus of ICVA’s work from 2022-2030. Rooted in ICVA’s mission of principled and effective humanitarian action, this strategy sets out the collective values, ways of working and aspirational transformations. ICVAs work focus on three key areas (Forced Migration, Humanitarian Coordination and Humanitarian Financing) to best serve its members and the sector as a whole.

ICVA’s distinctive strengths are embedded in operational methodologies, encompass analysis and explanation, convening, connecting, influencing and advocating, supporting, and collaborating. With a historical foundation in Geneva, the ICVA Secretariat extends its reach across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Background and Focus

The promotion of increased quality funding to humanitarian civil society actors, requires accurate and complete financing data. As highlighted by the Global Humanitarian Assistance Report of 2023, this required data transparency is not a reality. An estimated US$ 33.8 bn of 2022 funding to multilateral organizations, NGOs, and pooled funds is categorized as “unknown” as regards possible second-level recipients.

Likewise there is little data transparency on aggregated levels of funding transferred to and by humanitarian pooled fund mechanisms. Pooled funds (PFs) play a critical role in addressing global humanitarian crises by providing flexible and timely financial support to humanitarian actors, especially local and national NGOs. With growing humanitarian needs and increasing contributions, PFs have grown in number and size, becoming an essential tool in the humanitarian financing toolbox, including to advance nexus funding and locally-led action. However, there is currently no aggregate means to capture the amount of funding be transferred through humanitarian pooled funds nor through which type of actor this funding is being transferred through and for what purposes.

Through this consultancy ICVA seeks to support its members to achieve greater data reporting and transparency both from international actors as well as national actors and advance a reflection on the development of key aggregate indicators to measure the amount of funding received and disbursed through humanitarian pooled fund mechanisms.


The detailed methodology will be developed by the consultant and agreed with ICVA.

Engagement with ICVA

The consultant(s) will work closely with and report to the ICVA Humanitarian Financing Team.


1. An analysis of the key challenges to data reporting by first line funding recipients, an outline of proposed solutions and action plan agreed with key stakeholders to advance the agreed solutions.

2. A review of the feasibility of wide-scale reporting by local and national NGOs on their international humanitarian funding in consultation with data reporting systems (FTS, IATI and NGO Networks).

3. Proposed definition, mapping and development of key indicators to track funding levels and disbursements from humanitarian pooled funds to local, national and international NGOs.

Deliverables (with estimated times)

Inception report: outlining the methodology, work plan and agreed timeline, based on a literature review and preliminary stakeholder consultations. (10 days)

Data reporting:

1. Summary of key data reporting challenges for ICVA membership and proposed solutions. (5 days)

2. First recommendations on the feasibility of local and national NGO reporting. (3 days)

3. Recommended Action Plan to advance data reporting. (2 days)

Pooled Fund Aggregate Indicators:

1. Proposed definitions and methodology to produce aggregated data on humanitarian pooled funding mechanisms, based on existing literature and current collected data. (6 days)

2. Mapping of humanitarian pooled funds. (2 days)

3. A first base line measurement of key humanitarian pooled fund indicators and summary of any challenges or key missing data. (3 days)

Consultant requirements

Specific requirements:

  • Strong experience/knowledge in humanitarian data transparency efforts and measuring frameworks, including the Grand Bargain self-reporting processes.
  • Strong understanding of international NGOs and/or national NGOs monitoring and evaluation and data collection practises.
  • Work experience and good understanding of FTS and other international financial tracking systems.
  • Strong understanding of humanitarian pooled fund mechanisms.

General requirements:

  • Excellent writing and communication skills with the ability to analyse complex information and transmit synthesised messaged to various audiences.
  • Excellent communication skills in English. French, Spanish and/or Arabic would be an asset.
  • Proven ability to work autonomously and be flexible, including ability to cope with deadlines, multiple tasks, competing and changing demands.
  • Understanding of ICVA’s mission and NGO contribution to the humanitarian sector.
  • Note: Throughout the work, the consultant must be registered in accordance with the legal requirements at their base and must be able to submit documentation that proves that she/ he is meeting all legal obligations for the consultancy, including full compliance with ICVA regulations including the safeguarding policy.

How to apply

How to apply

If you have the required expertise and skills, please apply by sending your CV, any examples of relevant previous work, a short proposal (approx. 2-3 pages), including how you meet the criteria for the consultancy, outline of proposed approach and methodology, and requested day rate to [email protected]

Please mention “Data Transparency” in the subject line.

The final deadline for application is 15 July 2024.

Applicants from all countries are encouraged to apply and teams of consultants are welcomed.

ICVA promotes diversity in its recruitment process.

ICVA’s selection process includes rigorous background checks and reflects our organisational integrity and commitment to make humanitarian action more principled and effective.

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