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Solidarités International


Starting date: 9th of September 2024
Duration of the internship: 6 months
Localisation: Paris/Clichy

SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL (SI) is an international humanitarian aid association which, since more than 40 years, has been providing assistance to populations affected by armed conflicts and natural disasters by meeting their basic needs for food, water and shelter. Particularly committed to the fight against diseases linked to unsafe water, the leading cause of death in the world, SI’s interventions provide expertise in the field of access to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene promotion, but also in the essential area of food security and livelihoods. Present in some twenty countries, the SI teams – 3000 people in total, made up of expatriates, national staff, permanent staff at HQ, and a few volunteers – intervene with professionalism and commitment while respecting cultural norms.


Main missions

Provide assistance to the Desk Manager, the Desk Programs Manager and the Desk Grants Manager in the execution of necessary administrative tasks and management of SI’s programs in Afghanistan, Myanmar, Nigeria and South Sudan.
Provide general support to the Desk’s missions.

Main objectives

To assist the Desk team in the execution of the administrative tasks necessary to manage the Desk’s missions.
To ensure a proper program follow-up with the Programs Manager (operational monitoring and follow-up of the projects implemented on the field).
To ensure a proper contractual follow-up with the Grants Manager (donor relations, respect of procedures, and reporting process).
To liaise and ensure the flow of information among several interlocutors (Desk, HQ, field, and donors).

Main duties

Ensure that all contractual/administrative requests from the field are dealt with.
Establish and maintain the continuity in follow-up procedures: program reporting planning, organizational charts, project maps, contact lists, donor contacts, etc.
Support in reviewing project proposals and reports. Developing a critical eye and making suggestions are a must.
Update expats pack and country profiles.
Archive program documents (paper and electronic).
Liaise with other HQ departments (Direction, Human Resources, Logistics, Communication, and other Desks).
Support the monitoring of the various projects (intermediate and final reports deadlines, extensions, etc.).
Participate in the institutional knowledge building of the projects undertaken by
Monitor the geopolitical context and news of the aforementioned countries.


Understand how Headquarters of an NGO works and understand the relationship between the Field missions and Headquarters.
Understand the different job pathways at SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL at Headquarters and on the field.
Gain practical knowledge of the project management cycle and technical aspects of SI’s projects through the monitoring of projects, desk and bilateral meetings and internal trainings.
Put in practice the project cycle management tools.
Have a first approach on the functioning of a field mission and their specific constraints.
Understand the relationships between the different humanitarian actors.
Become familiar with donors’ requirements.
Be directly exposed to field operations through the expatriates.
Understand the strategy of SI and its development.
Gain an understanding of humanitarian issues, analysis of priorities and needs identification of the desk’s countries.
Master SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL’s and main donors’ procedures.


Master’s degree in humanitarian action or project management, development, international relations, political sciences, WaSH, Construction/Architecture or agronomy studies.
Excellent oral and written communication skills in French (fluent) and in English (C1/C2), given that the Desk works with English speaking missions and international donors.
Genuine commitment to the principles and work of SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL.
Strong interest and motivation for non-profit and humanitarian aid.
Willingness to work on the field.
Critical thinking and analysis, autonomy, rigor, reactivity, organization, efficiency, work capacity, proactiveness and a critical mindset are a must.
Ability to work under stress and adapt to tight deadlines.
International work experience is an asset.
Mastering of Office pack – Word, Power Point and Excel.

The tasks are transversal and therefore require autonomy, flexibility, precision and versatility. Knowledge of, or at least a desire to understand the humanitarian environment and its constraints are essential.

The tasks described in this notice are subject to change based on the ongoing projects at HQ and as needed.

SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL is committed to offer the intern a variety of tasks and to participate to the internal pre-departure training proposed to the expatriates leaving for the field that can meaningfully strengthen its training/experience towards a future humanitarian commitment. This internship provides an opportunity to effectively comprehend the functioning of a humanitarian NGO, its constraints and different approaches.


Internship based at SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL’s headquarters in Clichy (92)
This internship requires an internship agreement with a university.
Legal monthly benefit: 4,90 per hour.
The monthly benefit is calculated hours of presence over the month (on average 1 month = 154h, which correspond to 22 days of 7h/day).
50% of transport costs (Navigo pass) covered by SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL.
60% of the monthly cost of tickets restaurant (value: 8.9€ per working day).


Do you recognize yourself in this description? If yes, please send us your CV and cover letter!

Please note that CV-only applications will not be considered, and that the vacancy may close before the deadline.

Thank you for your understanding.

To learn more about Sl:

Solidarités International (SI) est déterminé à prévenir et à combattre tout type d’abus – tout acte d’exploitation, d’abus et/ou de harcèlement sexuels (SEAH) à l’encontre des membres des communautés bénéficiaires ou de ses collaborateurs et collaboratrices, atteinte aux personnes et/ou aux biens, fraude, corruption, conflit d’intérêt non déclaré, financement d’activités portant atteinte aux droits de l’homme – qui pourrait être perpétré dans le cadre de ses interventions. SI applique une tolérance zéro à l’égard de tout type d’abus, particulièrement des actes de SEAH.

Solidarités International est un employeur équitable qui combat toute forme de discrimination. SI ne demandera jamais une rétribution quelconque en vue de participer à un processus de recrutement.

Solidarités International (SI) is determined to prevent and fight all type of abuse – all act of exploitation, abuse and/or sexual harassment (SEAH) against members of beneficiary communities or collaborators, fraud, corruption, violation of persons and/or property, funding of activities harmful to human rights – that could be perpetrated in the frame of its interventions. SI implements a zero-tolerance policy regarding acts of abuse, notably acts of SEAH.

Solidarités International is an equitable employer committed to find all forms of discrimination. SI will ever ask for any remuneration to take part in a recruitment process.

How to apply

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