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UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East

The incumbent reports to Cash-for-Work project officer (Limited Duration Contract, Band F)

. Prepare a quality monthly donor report (including job creation achievement to date, and brief narrative, a total of 2-3 page, use a template) by the 8th of the following each month.

• Deliverable: Develop a quality monthly donor report by deadline. Report the delivery status against the target to the project team. Collect and verify all the payment transaction records against an attendance sheet. Highlight any incompliance and rectify issues.

• Deliverable: Verified attendance sheet and payment transaction records are saved in the common drive in each month. Any incompliance issues should be registered in an issue log and rectified the issue. Develop and update quality dashboard / infographic materials to highlight project achievements • Deliverable: Develop dashboard / infographics of project achievements by the 10th of the following each month. Organize and conduct monthly field monitoring visits.

• Deliverable: Conduct at least five field monitoring visits in each month. Register findings and rectified actions to a monitoring tracking sheet. Address action points to comply with rules and regulations. Deliver data entry training sessions to all field focal points.

• Deliverable: Organize a data entry training session in each quarter to field focal points so that all registered information is correctly registered in the system. Collect and verify all labors’ monthly attendance sheets and their payment process. (The below is a case of sanitation component. Youth component may be different timeline/ process) This includes:

• Follow-up with all five areas’s CfW focal points to submit the attendance of Cash for Work TOR: 24-UNRWA – other-235891-Individual Contractor Page 2 of 3 labours (approximately 400 labors) by the 2nd working day of the following each month.

• Review and verify all attendance sheets of the CfW labours received from all areas, then, consolidate the received attendance to the CfW mastersheet, by the 4th working day of the following each month.

• Send the verified attendance to FICIP for the payment request by the 5th working day of the following each month.

• Follow up all wrong entry information (attendance sheet and beneficiaries’ contract information) and submit to FICIP within 2 working days

. • Review verify and consolidate the attendance of the CfW labours in all components by the 6th of following each month.

• Deliverable: CfW attendance master sheet was updated by the 7th of the following of each month. Payment request with required information is shared with FICIP by the 5th of the following of each month. Performs other duties as may be assigned by the supervisor. This includes, but not limited to, following:

• Develop, establish, and maintain database management systems, online platforms, monitoring tools and data collection, Information Management tools and templates. In case any databases exist already, review, update the database management systems.

• Perform data quality checking and data analysis on regular basis, and provide evidence-based recommendations and trend analysis at country level, to actively support program implementation, donor reporting, planning and programming as well as proposal writing. • Perform other project support tasks.

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