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International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research




icddr,b is a Bangladesh-based international health research institute that strives to solve key public health problems through high-quality scientific research and innovation. icddr,b as a values-based organization encourages women and people with disabilities. 

The Programme for Emerging Infections under the Infectious Diseases Division at icddr,b has focused on studies to produce new knowledge about priority zoonotic diseases in Bangladesh including avian influenza, Nipah and Japanese encephalitis.

Position Description:

The Research Officer will report to the Assistant Scientist and will be responsible for planning, organizing and performing specific study procedures with the objective of collecting high quality research data within the guidelines of the research protocols and organizational values. The specific areas of responsibilities include:

  • Plan and organize field visits as per study need;
  • Build rapport with the community;
  • Identify and enroll study participants following sampling framework of the study protocol; 
  • Collect biological specimens from study sites, receive specimens from field team with appropriate document and sample processing in the laboratory;
  • Perform data collection following multiple quantitative data collection techniques within given timeline; 
  • Monitor and track consumption of resources in order to execute research protocols and interventions and conduct high-quality research;
  • Check for credibility and trustworthiness of collected data to ensure the quality of data, preliminary data analysis;
  • Work with Principal Investigator in research design and methodology;
  • Seek approval from Division Office, Finance, RRC, ERC etc. on protocol and project related forms;
  • Circulate protocol drafts internally and externally, seek feedback and modify accordingly;
  • Coordinate with Research Administration (RA) for registering projects with government/ international authorities and for securing licenses or approvals for research-related activities in order to support creation of proposals and protocols with funding potential;
  • Write initial report/progress report on own research work and also assist PI in writing scientific reports and manuscripts as per her/his instruction.

Required qualification and experience:

  • Candidates must have a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) with Master’s degree in relevant discipline with good academic record.
  • 03 years of experience in public and animal health research.





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