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Kvinna Till Kvinna


The program “Feminist Power in Action for Women’s Economic Rights” (FemPawer) aims to strengthen the capacities of young women who face multiple economic gender-based violence (E/GBV) discriminations in Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Tunisia to become leaders for change. FemPawer is led by a consortium of 4 organizations and consists of a network of 39 Women’s Rights Organizations (WROs), also referred to as Partner Organizations (POs), that are diverse and vary in size, experience, geographical location, and profile.

In Jordan, nine WROs conducted a research on eGBV. Kvinna till Kvinna and the Arab Women Organization (AWO) are seeking a consultancy team to review, translate, and compile these research studies into a single booklet.

About Kvinna till Kvinna and Arab Women Organization

The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation has defended women’s rights since 1993 and is now a leading feminist organization. We work in war and conflict zones to empower women, collaborating with around 150 partner organizations in 20 countries to achieve gender equality, justice, and lasting peace. Our focus includes both conflict-affected and humanitarian contexts, supporting women’s rights and peacebuilding with a long-term perspective. We aim to be a flexible and reliable partner, helping women’s rights organizations adapt to changing conflict and emergency situations.

AWO is a Jordanian local women’s rights organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. Over its 50-year history, AWO has focused on advancing women’s leadership and solutions for political, social, and economic empowerment. It brings feminist analyses to national policy dialogues, builds partnerships, coordinates women’s rights meetings, and forms coalitions around gender issues.

Objectives of this consultancy

  1. Review the Nine Research Papers
    1. Identify key research points and methodologies.
    2. Summarize findings and arguments.
    3. Write an introduction that provides context and outlines the key themes across all papers.
    4. Write conclusions that synthesize the overall findings and suggest potential areas for future research.
    5. Formulate observations and insights based on the reviewed papers.
  2. Translate Reports and Summary
    1. Translate all reports and summaries from Arabic to English (approximately 85,000 words)
  3. Design the Booklet
    1. Design the nine research papers (both English and Arabic) into one cohesive booklet.


Intended Users

The intended users are decision makers targeted in advocacy against eGBV (government officials, private sector, international community).


To be discussed with the selected consultancy team.


  • Nine research papers in Arabic, reviewed and consolidated, each with a summary and an introduction covering all nine papers.
  • Translated document of the above from Arabic to English.
  • Designed booklet, in both English and Arabic.


A detailed budget suggested by the consultant in EUR should be shared along with examples of previous work. (The monetary amount suggested by the external consultant is “All tax included”). We do not cover any tax.


The consultant (s) should meet the desired criteria:

  • Advanced degree in Gender Studies, Social Sciences, Law, Public Policy, or a related field.
  • Proven experience in conducting and reviewing research on gender-based violence, women’s rights, or related fields.
  • Demonstrated experience in translating academic or technical documents from Arabic to English and vice versa.
  • Previous experience in designing and consolidating research documents or reports, preferably in the field of human rights or gender studies.
  • Strong analytical and critical thinking skills to synthesize findings and provide insights.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in both Arabic and English.
  • Proficiency in document design and layout software.
  • In-depth understanding of economic gender-based violence and its impacts.
  • Familiarity with the socio-economic and cultural context of Jordan.
  • Ability to handle tight deadlines in a professional manner.
  • Great communication skills.
  • Organized and timely.
  • Creative in overcoming barriers and ability to coordinate with multiple entities.

How to apply

The consultant(s) is invited to submit a file to [email protected] with the following title in the email subject « Review, translation and design of nine research papers».

If a consultant is not part of a team but has experience in one specific aspect of the deliverables—(1) review and analysis, (2) translation, or (3) design—you are also invited to submit your offer. Please mention which area you wish to be considered for. If we do not find a suitable team, individual consultants will be considered.

Submission deadline: July 07, 2024, at 23:55 pm GMT+3

Applicant(s) Location: Flexible/Remote

*Provision of References

  • Applicants are required to provide contact information for three professional work references.
  • This information should include the names of the references, their positions, their places of work, and contact details (such as email and telephone number).
  • These references may be contacted to evaluate the professional competencies and past experiences of the applicant, with the aim of ensuring the selection of the most suitable candidates for the program’s requirements and goals. We will only contact the reference if you are shortlisted and we informed you that we will contact the references.

**Disclosure of previous work with consortium partners

  • Applicants must clearly disclose any previous collaboration or work undertaken with any of the consortium partners involved in this program.
  • Details of such collaboration should include the name of the partner, the nature of the work performed, and the period of collaboration.
  • In cases where previous collaboration exists, the relevant partner may be contacted to obtain an assessment and feedback on the applicant’s performance and competence.

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