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Tag: China

The Silence of the Islamic World 21
Uyghur Women, Rarely Informed About Forced Birth Control Procedures, Suffer Lifelong Complications 22
Turkey sends Uighur refugees back to China through third countries: Report 23
‘We Feared They Would Kill us if we Were Sent Back to China’: Uyghur Mother Who Fled to Thailand 24
The 'perfect Uighur': outgoing and hard working – but still not safe from China's camps 25
China says it will hit back against new U.S. sanctions over Uighur rights 26
‘The Tools Are Available to The Administration’ to Press China on Uyghurs: US Religious Freedom Envoy 28
'Their Supposed Crime is Promoting Terrorist Activity': Member of Jailed Uyghur Family 29
China, Turkey top annual list of world’s worst jailers of journalists: Watchdog 30
The Capital of East Turkestan Is Now in Turkey 33