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Tag: Erdogan: The Greatest Munafik (Hypocrite) of the 21. Century

US gov’t commission on religious freedom: Put Turkey on Special Watch List 21
Youth in Turkey increasingly resisting religion, study suggests 22
Turkey detains 5 more Kurdish mayors amid widening crackdown against HDP: report 23
8-year-old cancer patient sees jailed father for only 5 hours after social media campaign 24
Erdogan may be the world's most 'insulted' leader 25
Turkish woman arrested while pregnant in violation of law gives birth: report 26
Dismissed by decree in Turkey: Social lynching, Erdogan's potent weapon 27
Turkey issues detention warrants for 170 army officers, 6 air force pilots 29
Hakan Sukur: How former Turkey star ended up in the US as a taxi driver 30
Turkey Seeks Extradition of 2 Gulen School Employees From Kyrgyzstan 31