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Tag: Islamofascism

The Coronavirus Is Prompting Middle East Regimes to Release Prisoners. But Journalists and Activists Remain Behind Bars 21
Turkey detains 5 more Kurdish mayors amid widening crackdown against HDP: report 22
Erdogan may be the world's most 'insulted' leader 23
Erdogan’s Turkey preaches democracy, fairness and justice while it remains steeped in anachronistic authoritarianism. 24
Turkey raises stir as philanthropist re-arrested after acquittal 25
Dismissed by decree in Turkey: Social lynching, Erdogan's potent weapon 26
"There is a lack of democratic culture in Turkey" 28
‘Marry-your-rapist’ bill to be introduced by lawmakers in Turkey 29
Democracy failure prompts right-wing populism: Turkish author on Erdogan's rise from 'reformer to populist' 30
Turkey’s Erdogan takes on former ally with foundation takeover 31