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Tag: Kurds

Turkey detains 5 more Kurdish mayors amid widening crackdown against HDP: report 21
Turkey’s shifting priorities in Syria 22
16,300 HDP members detained, 3,500 jailed since 2015 23
Turkish-backed militants abused civilians in Syria, says Human Rights Watch 24
Donald Trump Is Happy to Seem Weak Next to Turkey's Erdogan Because of Syria 25
Turkey arrests 4 more Kurdish mayors in Southeast 26
Where the Kurdish road ends: In Iraq and Turkey, The Globe retraces a people’s path from hope to betrayal 27
US diplomat says Turkish-backed militia committed ‘war crimes and ethnic cleansing’ in Syria: report 45
Turkey accuses Russia of supplying weapons and ammunition to Syrian Kurds 46
Kurdish-controlled areas in NE Syria to gradually return to state authority: Assad 47