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Tag: Kurds

Demirtas charged with new offences in bid to keep the Kurdish politician in jail 21
What do Turkey's Kurds expect from Biden's presidency? 22
Screws tighten on Gray Wolves, Erdogan’s European guard 23
Kurdistan National Congress makes bid to stave off deadly intra-Kurdish war in Northern Iraq 24
Turkish soldiers accused of intimidating Kurdish farmers over the board in Iraq 25
Villagers fear reprisals as thousands of Turkish soldiers move into rural areas weeks after threatening to torch homes 26
Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan cracks down on pro-Kurdish politicians 27
UN accused of complicity in Turkey's war crimes in northern Syria 28
Turkey convicts pro-Kurdish lawmaker Remziye Tosun on terror charge 29
Women's organisations in Turkey outraged by the quick release of soldier accused of repeatedly raping a Kurdish teenager 30