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Tag: Turkey Purge

Turkey says U.S. is 'safe harbour' for group blamed for coup 21
Judge says in book people arrested in July 2016 coup probes should be executed 22
Turkey orders 149 people detained for suspected Gulen links: Anadolu 23
US gov’t commission on religious freedom: Put Turkey on Special Watch List 24
Alleged Gulenists main target of forced disappearances in Turkey 25
Turkey’s prisoners at risk 26
The Coronavirus Is Prompting Middle East Regimes to Release Prisoners. But Journalists and Activists Remain Behind Bars 28
8-year-old cancer patient sees jailed father for only 5 hours after social media campaign 29
Turkish woman arrested while pregnant in violation of law gives birth: report 30
Dismissed by decree in Turkey: Social lynching, Erdogan's potent weapon 31