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Tag: Turkey Purge

EU says journalist Altan’s re-arrest further damages credibility of Turkish judiciary 21
Turkey arrests 4 more Kurdish mayors in Southeast 22
Erdoğan aide says regrets remarks about post-coup purges being a ‘disaster’ 23
Offering apology, Erdoğan aide calls post-coup purge of public servants a ‘disaster’ 24
How Turkey Ruined Its Own Air Force (Nothing to Do with the F-35) 25
Man missing for 8 months shows up at Ankara police headquarters 26
Cambodia arrests Mexican-Turkish national over Gülen links: report 27
Celtics’ Enes Kanter on his criticism of Turkey: ‘How can I stay silent?’ 28
Ankara Governor’s Office bans meeting planned by purge victims 30
AKP deputy says Turkey went outside the law in trials of Gülen followers, purge victims 31