Greek warship stormed a Turkish ship loaded with weapons for Libya

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ATHENS, (BM) – The active confrontation between Greece and Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea, forced Athens to demonstrate full determination to the Turkish military, as a result of which the Greek military stormed and successfully captured the Turkish warship, which carried out the illegal transportation of weapons to Libya, learned

The information above comes from news agency Aviapro. In fact the Turkish media also confirmed the information, but according to them, the Greek navy had intercepted a Turkish commercial cargo ship accompanied by a Turkish frigate heading to Libya.

Al-Masra and sources confirmed that the Greek warship, as a part of IRINI joint mission with Italy, has intercepted a Turkish ship.

At the moment, information is being received that portable anti-aircraft missile systems, anti-aircraft missile systems, armored vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, electronic suppression means and a large number of small arms and ammunition were found on board the ship.

In fact, Greece has demonstrated its readiness to confront Turkey in the Mediterranean Sea, leaving the latter in a very serious situation, since earlier Egypt also stated its readiness to sink Turkish ships supplying weapons to Libya.

All this is happening a day after the foreign ministers of Greece and Italy signed in Athens an agreement to demarcate the boundaries of the exclusive economic zone in the Ionian Sea that separates the two neighboring countries.

Source: Bulgarian Military

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