Syrian refugee shot dead by drunk, xenophobic Turk

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Abdulkadir Davud, 21, a Syrian refugee living in Turkey, was shot dead over the weekend in İstanbul by a drunk man who had a dislike for foreign migrants in the country, according to the Evrensel daily.

Davud was with five friends, all of whom were factory workers, visiting the beach in the Zeytinburnu district of İstanbul.

On their way home, a drunk man shouted insults at them from his window, according to Ahmed Uzun, 20, another Syrian refugee. They were waiting at a bus stop.

When the man went back inside his apartment, his wife urged the Syrians to run because the man was getting his gun.

“F..k your country,” the man shouted from the balcony. The wife said he was drunk.

They heard three gunshots, two of which hit Davud, leaving him covered in blood.

After fleeing Syria’s years-long civil war, Davud took up residence in İstanbul with six sisters and his mother.

Anti-immigration sentiment has become more visible in Turkish society in recent years.

In July Hamza Ajan, a 17-year-old Syrian, was beaten up by four people and subsequently died in a hospital.

Turkey hosts nearly 4 million refugees, most of whom are Syrians.

Source: Turkish Minute

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