Turkish soldiers tortured Kurdish villagers, threw them from helicopter, locals say

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Osman Şiban, 50, was allegedly thrown from a helicopter after being detained by Turkish soldiers on Sept. 11.

Turkish soldiers tortured two Kurdish villagers they had detained, throwing them from a helicopter after battering them, eyewitnesses claim.

A medical report for one of the villagers states that he suffered injuries consistent with a fall from a height.

Military forces reportedly detained Osman Şiban, 50, and Servet Turgut, 55, on Sept. 11 while working on a farm in the eastern city of Van.

According to a parliamentary question directed to Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu by Murat Sarısaç, a deputy from the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party, the villagers were detained by soldiers and taken away in a helicopter, then were admitted to a hospital in serious condition two days after their detention.

The soldiers interrogated the two villagers under torture and threw them from the helicopter, Sarısaç claims, citing their families.

The two were put in intensive care. Şiban was discharged on Friday but is reportedly suffering from memory loss due to his injuries, while Turgut is still in intensive care.

The Mezopotamya news agency tweeted a photo of Şiban with bloodshot eyes and bruises on his face.

Lawyers for the villagers filed a criminal complaint against the soldiers, Mezopotamya reported.

According to the report villagers on the scene while the two were being detained allege that the soldiers threatened to shoot them when they protested the detention.

Source; Turkish Minute

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