‘Baku Turkish’ spoken in Kurdish-majority Diyarbakır, according to Ministry

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Turkey’s Ministry of National Education has prepared introductory books about provinces as part of the “2023 Education Vision” plan.

“Aimed at helping children discover the capacity of their regions in terms of production, culture, arts and geography and know their plant and animal species, traditional food, games and folk culture,” the book of “Our City Diyarbakır” has been published to be taught at primary schools.

As reported by the Mezopotamya Agency (MA), after the book focusing on Turkey’s Kuridsh-majority southeastern province of Diyarbakır was approved by the Ministry of National Education, the Diyarbakır Provincial Directorate of National Education has sent a circular letter to the sub-governor’s offices so that the book can be taught at schools.

In the 204-page introductory book on Diyarbakır province, there is no mention of the word Kurd or Kurdish. Under the heading “Diyarbakır’s Dialect and its Characteristics”, it is indicated that the language spoken in the province is similar to ‘Baku Turkish’ in Azerbaijan.

It is further argued that Diyarbakır has maintained its connection with Azerbaijani Turkish in terms of their shared accent.

While Newroz (in Kurdish pronunciation) is written as “Nevruz” (in Turkish pronunciation), it is further said that this tradition is a deeply-rooted tradition in Central Asia. The “Nevruz” feast is celebrated by egg tapping and distributing food, according to the Education Ministry’s book.

The book also talks about the “Risks of the City”. Noting that cases of sexual abuse are among the risks that can be encountered in the city, the book briefly says, “Just as it offers opportunities, the city also contains risks. Natural disasters, violence, substance abuse, road accidents and sexual abuse are some of the risks that might be encountered.”

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