Incident reported in an unfinished nuclear plant in Turkey

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An incident has been reported at the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, which is still under construction in Mersin in southern Turkey, “cumhuriyet” daily reported on Sunday. 

“The construction of a Turkish nuclear power plant in Mersin has been a disaster for Turkey and Mersin,” said Ali Mahir Başarır a member of the Turkish parliament’s commission from the Republican People’s Party (CHP) about the incident.

A small fire broke out after an explosion at an electric transformer and caused panic among the workers and the people in the area.

“Now there is a fire in the transformer. As I have said before, with this nuclear power plant, they are placing dynamite in Mersin, beneath the Mediterranean,” the MP said.

He also noted that the Turks are building the nuclear plant in cooperation with the Russians while they still have not decided what to do with the nuclear waste. 

Source: MEHR News

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