LGBTI+ Pride picnic canceled after being targeted

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A picnic that LGBTI+ university students planned as part of LGBTI Pride Month activities in Istanbul University Beyazıt Campus was targeted by some religious groups today (June 17).

A crowd chanting “Takbir, Allah-u Ekber” (Allah (God) is the greatest) and “Beyazit is ours and will remain ours” gathered in front of the university campus and threatened the LGBTI+s.

The group also chanted slogans of hatred against the LGBTI+s.

After that, the vegan picnic, which was planned by the İstanbul University Equality Society – BÜLGBTİ+, has been canceled due to security concerns.

What happened?

İstanbul University Equality Society – BÜLGBTİ+ called for the picnic with the title “Beyazıt belongs to whom ayol?” as part of İstanbul Pride Week activities

The crowd that gathered in front of the campus posted a video from an account with the name “Seven Crescent İstanbul University”. In the video, a message that says “There is no place for these deviants, neither on our campuses nor in a single inch of this country! Beyazıt belongs to Muslims!” was shared.

Upon the threats, the Istanbul University Equality Society – BÜLGBTİ+ warned LGBTI+ students to go to safe areas and announced that the picnic has been canceled.



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