Türkiye’s youth wants four-day work weeks, shows survey

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A new survey company has shown that most young people in Türkiye want four-day work weeks.

The survey was conducted by the Youthall companies among 1,130 people aged between 18 and 35 from 241 companies.

The youth would prefer fewer working days over working fewer hours in a day, according to the survey. Currently, three-quarters of young people in the country work five days a week.

Highlights of the survey:

• 88.9 percent of the respondents said they would like to work four days a week.

• 83 percent of all respondents and 87 percent of the women said it would be good to work six hours a day.

• Among the 241 companies that took part in the survey, 82.7 percent have five-day work weeks, and in one-third of them, daily working time is nine hours.

• In 13 percent of the small and medium-sized companies, daily working time is over nine hours.

• 78.7 percent of the companies’ human resources managers view six-hour working days positively, whereas only 25 percent of them favor four-day work weeks.

• Only one percent of the companies have four-day work weeks, but 63 percent of the companies said they are evaluating four-day work weeks.

Working overtime

• Among the respondents, 12.1 said they work seven hours a day, 57 percent said eight hours, and 30.7 percent said nine hours or more.

• 33.2 percent said they work overtime and 25 percent said their weekly overtime work is 10 hours or more.

• 80.2 percent of the respondents said they don’t get any payment for their overtime work.

Hybrid work

• 61.2 percent of the respondents who are currently employed work at the office, 22 percent have a hybrid working system and 16.7 percent work remotely.

• 87.8 percent of the respondents prefer a hybrid model. More

• 63.3 percent of the managers said the hybrid model will be the “working model of the future.”

• 46.4 percent of the respondents are employed in the service sector, 29.1 are employed in technology companies and 24.5 percent are employed in production companies.

•  68 percent of the surveyed companies are in the three largest cities — İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir. (AÖ/VK)


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