Turkish warplanes airstrikes | 17 soldiers killed in regime and SDF military positions in NE Syria

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SOHR activists have reported that the number of casualties due to the Turkish airstrikes on northern and eastern of Syria has risen to 17, including four SDF members due to airstrikes by a Turkish drone on Sonjok Sadoun village in Amouda countryside, and 13 regime and SDF members were killed due to Turkish airstrikes on positions in Ain Al-Arab eastern of Aleppo. Meanwhile, the number of casualties is believed to increase because of people missing and seriously wounded.

Moreover, SOHR activists have reported that Turkish forces targeted several military checkpoints with ground and air shelling in the area. it has not yet been known whether the dead people are regime soldiers only or civilians also.

A few hours ago, SOHR activists reported that the number of airstrikes by Turkish warplanes had risen to eight, all targeting regime military positions in border Tel Jarikly 25 kilometers western to Ain Al-Arab (Kobani), and two kilometers away from the Turkish border wall.

On the same context, the Turkish forces stationed in the stations at the borders, shelled regime military positions and different sites of Ain Al-Arab countryside. However, no casualties were reported.

Meanwhile, the regime forces haven’t confirmed the number of casualties caused by the Turkish airstrikes, in fear of embarrassment.

It is worth noting that the regime forces stationed in Tel Jarikly site in 2019, due to the ceasefire agreement between Russia and Turkey.

Earlier today, SOHR activists reported that 19 people were killed and wounded by Turkish aerial bombardment that hit a military base of the regime forces in Jarqli village at Syria-Turkey border in western countryside of Ain Al-Arab (Kobani), east of Aleppo province.

Source: syriahr.com

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