Turkey’s Baykar to ramp up production with ‘more drones than in all previous years’

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Turkish defence firm Baykar is set to ramp up drone production for 2023 due to increased foreign demand, after the success of the weapon in the Ukraine war, Anadolu reported on Wednesday.

Baykar plans to produce more drones next year than all previous years, including 500 TB2 unmanned aerial vehicles and 40 Akinci drones, company CEO Haluk Bayraktar told the state-run news agency.

Baykar drones have been deployed in various conflicts around the world, including in Ukraine, Ethiopia and Azerbaijan.

Such has been the success of the Bakyatar in holding off the Russian invasion of Ukraine that a song was made about the drone.

It is expected that the increased production will boost Turkey’s export figures, while also increasing the international presence of the Turkish-made vehicles in a market traditionally dominated by countries like the US and Israel, according to Bloomberg.

Baryaktar told Anadolu that his firm currently has export deals with 24 states.

This week, Romania’s defence ministry announced that it plans to buy three unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs) systems from Baykar along with logistics support for an estimated $300 million before tax.

The ministry said it has requested approval from the Romanian parliament to begin the tender process to acquire 18 Bayraktar TB2 drones destined for its ground forces as part of the country’s NATO targets and its military endowment plans.

Source: Arab News

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