Tarasov: Iran may not recognize peace treaty between Yerevan and Baku and send troops

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Iran may not recognize the Armenian-Azerbaijani peace treaty, complications may arise. Iran is even ready to introduce its troops into the area, Russian political scientist and expert on the Middle East and Caucasus Stanislav Tarasov told NEWS.am.  He reminded that the topic of “Zangezur corridor” was introduced by Azerbaijan; it is not mentioned as a term in the statement of November 9.  The condition under which the road will be under the control of the Russian Federal Security Service, according to Tarasov’s assessment, irritates Iran, because it fears that they (Turkey and Azerbaijan – ed.) may kick out the Russians, take it under their control and create a Turkic bridge.

“I think it’s all far-fetched. Maybe behind the scenes, Aliyev and Pashinyan have these personal conversations, but at the public level, so far, they sound insignificant statements,” the expert believes. He pointed to Pashinyan’s desire to normalize the relations with Turkey, whose president sets a condition for the opening of the corridor between Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan.

“Iran is not satisfied with this whole situation. The statement of November 9 was signed between Yerevan, Moscow and Baku with indirect participation of Turkey, which actively rushed there. Putin did not allow this. Turkey has nothing to do with Karabakh. Historically, it is a zone of influence of Iran, which was not invited to the talks. Tehran thinks that it can determine the status of Karabakh, it can talk about communications and so on, but the agreement must be signed with its participation. Iran may not recognize the peace agreement, complications may arise. IRI is even ready to introduce its troops into the area. Yerevan and Baku will have to solve this problem with Tehran,” the political analyst added.

Source: News.am

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